SCRC 344 Columbus, OH

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Sep 7th 2013. Mohawk Ride

141 Miles to Mohawk Dam 6 Rides.

Joker- RC

Tazz / Guru - Tail Gunner

Guru,  MotorPsycho Jim, BlakJack, And one Guest

Aug 31st 2013, Ohio State Picnic

130 miles to Buck Creek a short Ride and back.

Guru - RC

Tazz - Tail Gunner

Joker,  MotorPsycho Jim, Chunky Monkey, Rebel, Lone Wolf, Pandora, Guru's Buddy, Jeff

And SCRC 044, 179, 309

Aug 11th 2013, Waldo Run

120 miles 7 riders

 MotorPsycho Jim -RC

Tazz - Tail Gunner

Joker,  Chunky Monkey, Jeff, BlakJack, and one guest.

Aug 03, 2013 Buck Creek State Park

140 miles through route ?. 4 Riders (We where Lost!!!)

Guru / Joker- RC

Tazz - Tail Gunner

and one guest & Roady Ohio

July 14, Route 555

200 miles through route 555 and to Larry's Dawg House. 7 Riders

MotorPsycho Jim - RC

Tazz - Tail Gunner

Guru, Ghost Rider, BlakJack, and two guests

& Roady Ohio

This was a great ride! I give it a 4 out of 5 stars! with a group skill level 7.

June 23, 2013 Big Bottom Run

185 miles to Big Bottom and some other places. 7 Riders!

MotorPsycho Jim - RC

Tazz - Tail Gunner

Guru, Ghost Rider, Joker, BlakJack, Chunky Monkey


May 25, 2013 Covered Bridge Run

140 miles to Jim Bo's and back, Fun day for all 6 riders and 1 ticket!


MotorPsycho Jim - RC

Tazz - Tail Gunner

Guru  - Tail Gunner

Ghost Rider, Rebel, Lone Wolf

May 5, 2013 BS&B Buffalo Wings & Rings

We had a room to ourselves. It was really great time with all SCRC Columbus Group.


Lone Wolf & Son

MotorPsycho Jim & Candy


Guru & Pandora


Torque & Thing 2

May 4, 2013 Hillbilly Hotdog Run

Nearly 300 miles to WV and back, Fun day for all 7 riders a 1 car.

Guru's Buddy got his Hillbilly Hotdog Patch.


Lone Wolf, MotorPsycho Jim, Ghost Rider, Tazz, Guru & Pandora, BlakJack, Joker

21 April 2013 "The Wall Run"

Nearly 250 miles to Portsmouth and back, Fun day for all 3 riders.


Lone Wolf



10 April 2013 "Tom's Ice Cream Bowl" Zanesville

 Nearly 180 miles to Zanesville and back, Fun day for all 4 riders. We went on the Y brige.  


MotorPsycho Jim & Candy